A husband and wife playing a game

Husband: Sweetheart, shall we engage in a little amusement?
Wife: Absolutely! Here’s the game: if I mention a country, dart to the left wall; if it’s a bird, scamper to the right wall. Mix up the directions, and you owe me your entire month’s salary.
Husband: Fair enough. And if you falter, your salary’s mine, correct?
Wife: (grinning) Indeed, my love.
Husband: (rising to his feet, poised for action) Let’s begin.
Wife: Ready?
Husband: Absolutely.
Four hours later, the husband remains rooted, pondering whether she meant the country or the bird.
Moral of the story: After divinity, heed thy spouse!

In a separate incident, an elderly gentleman regaled his friend with tales of a recent dining experience.
“The fare and service were impeccable!” he enthused.
His friend inquired, “What was the name of the establishment?”
“Hmm, it escapes me,” he mused.
Then he posed a question to his friend, “What’s the term for those lengthy flowers folks bestow on special occasions?”
“A rose, you mean?” his friend responded.
“Eureka!” he exclaimed, turning to his wife. “Rose, what’s the name of that eatery we patronized the other day?”

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