Arnold Schwarzenegger pays emotional tribute to his ‘best friend’ Franco Columbu

Arnold Schwarzenegger pays an emotional homage to Franco Columbo, whom he considered his best friend and with whom he co-starred in countless films.

Franco, an Italian actor, and bodybuilder, was one of Arnold’s closest friends.
Arnold and Franco worked together on several films, including Terminator. They also exercised and worked out together in Italy and the United States.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Franco’s family and Arnold Schwarzenegger during this difficult time.

He claims that his “partner in crime” and fellow bodybuilder, who died at age 78, made his life “more complete.”

Franco Columbu, an Italian actor and bodybuilder, died at 78. Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to him as his “best friend” in a touching tribute on social media.

Schwarzenegger and Columbu, a two-time Mr. Olympia, appeared together in films such as The Terminator, The Running Man, and Conan the Barbarian.

According to the Associated Press, he became ill while swimming in the sea and passed away at a hospital in his native Sardinia.

The 72-year-old Hollywood legend paid tribute to his Italian pal on Instagram and posted photos of the two at various periods in their life.

The former governor of California and actor said Columbu made his life “happier, more colorful, and richer” in an emotional ode posted on Instagram.

“But I’m also grateful for our 54 years of friendship and enjoyment.”

“You were my partner in crime from the day we met in Munich,” Schwarzenegger wrote of Columbu.

“I knew I wouldn’t be the same without my best friend, so I asked Joe Weider to bring you to training with me.”

“I could live without money or my parents, but not without you.”

According to an interviewer who spoke with him, Columbu and Schwarzenegger founded a bricklaying company named European Brick Works in 1969 to make ends meet.

That was supposedly before the candidate had a valid work visa, which Schwarzenegger denied.

In a statement, he expressed thanks for their relationship and the “54 years of joy we shared” while being “devastated” by Columbu’s death.

“We did everything together, including the pumps, chess matches, construction work, lunches, practical jokes, and life lessons,” he wrote.

“We grew together by learning and loving.”

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