A 17-year-old boy who works part-time at Pizza Hut drives up to park in front of the house in a beautiful Porsche

A young 17-year-old boy who works part-time at Pizza Hut arrives home one day, driving a stunning Porsche. His parents are taken aback by the sight of the luxurious car and immediately question him about where he got it.

“Where did you get that car?” his mom and dad ask, bewildered by the sight before them.

“I bought it today,” calmly responds the teen.

His mom’s concern gets the better of her as she demands, “With what money, young man? We know how much a Porsche costs, and you cannot afford it!”

The boy explains, “Well, it’s used, and I got a good deal. This one only cost me 20 dollars.”

Shocked, his mom exclaims, “Who on earth would sell a car like that for 20 dollars?!”

“The woman up the street,” the boy replies. “I don’t know her name – she just moved in. She ordered a pizza, and when I delivered it to her, she asked me if I wanted to buy a Porsche for 20 dollars.”

Unable to contain their curiosity and anger, the boy’s dad and mom rush over to their new neighbor’s house, ready to demand an explanation. To their surprise, they find their new neighbor calmly planting flowers in her front yard.

Approaching her with determination, the dad speaks up, “I’m the father of the kid you just sold a sports car to for $20. I need an explanation from you!”

The woman, still focused on her gardening, looks up and calmly responds, “Well, this morning, I received a phone call from my husband. I thought he was on a business trip in Florida, but it turns out he has run off to Hawaii with his secretary and has no intention of coming back.”

Perplexed, the mom interjects, “What on earth does that have to do with selling our son a Porsche for $20?”

Smiling brightly, the new neighbor pauses for a moment before answering, “Well, my husband asked me to sell his new Porsche and send him the money. So, I did.”

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