That Little Pocket in Women’s Underwear Actually Has a Purpose

The “pocket” in women’s underwear, commonly seen as a little flap in the crotch area, is not actually a pocket but a crucial feature known as a “gusset.” Contrary to some humorous speculations, its purpose isn’t for stashing emergency toilet paper but for promoting genital health and comfort.

The gusset, typically made from the same fabric as the rest of the underwear, is designed to add breathability and protect sensitive skin from irritation and bacterial infections. It serves as a protective barrier between the inner seams of the underwear and the skin, reducing the risk of discomfort and health issues.

Interestingly, not all underwear includes a gusset. Often, more ornamental, less practical designs—intended for brief wear—omit this feature. This design choice underscores the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal in women’s lingerie.

The presence of a gusset in everyday underwear underscores its importance for maintaining genital health, highlighting how even small design elements can have significant health implications.

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