Parents of 7-Year-Old Girl Who Passed Away While Digging a Hole on a Florida Beach Speaks Out

Weeks after their little girl passed away after becoming trapped in a collapsed sand hole at the beach, Sloan Mattingly’s parents are speaking out.

The 7-year-old lover of Taylor Swift and her family were enjoying a beach day in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea on February 20 when tragedy struck. According to Jason and Therese Mattingly, Sloan and her brother were digging in the sand looking for seashells when a hole unexpectedly opened up, burying both of the children alive.

As Jason and Therese explained to Good Morning America, they were right there when the tragedy occurred and immediately started digging to save their children’s lives.

Parents of 7-Year-Old Girl Who Passed Away While Digging a Hole on a Florida Beach Speaks Out
“It was kind of a blur, and it’s probably maybe my mind protecting myself, but it just happened so fast,” Jason said of that moment. “In my mind I had her in my hands, but the weight of the sand was too much.”

Therese added that everything happened in an instant. “It didn’t matter that we were literally right there. It was just a hole and then it was nothing. And then it just becomes chaos and horror.”

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