Candace Owens kicks Lia Thomas out of the view set “your a cheat”

In a jaw-dropping twist on “The View,” Candace Owens, the show’s latest co-host notorious for her conservative stances, took center stage in a spectacle that left viewers scratching their heads and reaching for their popcorn. With all the finesse of a Shakespearean drama crossed with a SNL skit, Owens decided to play lifeguard, tossing Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer, out of the spotlight like a soggy noodle.

The show kicked off as usual, with Owens unleashing her trademark blend of razor-sharp wit and eyebrow-raising opinions. But things went from zero to ridiculous when Thomas, invited to share her experiences as a transgender athlete, took the stage. Owens, never one to miss a chance to make a splash, interrupted the proceedings with a pool noodle, dubbing it the “absurdity lifeline” we’re all drowning in. With a dramatic flourish, she escorted Thomas offstage, leaving the audience somewhere between befuddlement and barely stifled laughter.

Behind the scenes, producers were in a tailspin, torn between the allure of potential ratings gold and the looming PR disaster. Meanwhile, social media erupted with hashtags like #NoodleGate and #TheViewLostInTranslation, flooded with memes of Owens and her noodle antics. Late-night hosts seized the opportunity to riff on “poolside politics” and the astonishing influence of a foam floaty in the political arena.

Oddly enough, Thomas seemed unfazed, shrugging off the incident and even finding amusement in her newfound status as a viral meme. As the chaos subsided, Owens returned to her seat, noodle still in hand, ready to dive into the next topic with her trademark gusto, leaving viewers to wonder if they’d just witnessed a surreal commentary on the state of political discourse or simply a bizarre blip in the annals of live television. Regardless, “Pool Noodle Politics” has ensured one thing: nobody’s changing the channel anytime soon.

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